Live Your Bucket List Life Now,
Not “Someday”

It’s time to stop living a life built on other people’s intentions.

Was 2020 a wake-up call that suddenly had you wondering why the heck you’ve not been putting more time and energy into the things that really matter to you?

We’ve not been put on this planet to be caught up in this always-on culture, burnt-out and exhausted. (Although we’ve been highly conditioned to believe that we have.)

You KNOW there’s more to life but maybe you feel like you need permission to listen to your heart. Don’t put off your dream life. You can take steps now without waiting until you win the lottery, retire or have a visit from your fairy godmother.

Create and experience your bucket-list life NOW.

Become a house-sitter and live like a local, rent-free.

Anyone can sign up to a housesitting site. But you want to get booked and become an in-demand house and pet sitter so that you can live the flexible lifestyle you desire.

Hi, I’m Suzie!

—— House-sitter, cat lover, island hopper & bucket lister

I’ve completed well over 60 house and pet sits since my first housesit in December 2017 including a traditional villa in Italy, a working farm in France, a thatched cottage in Devon and several posh pads in London.

When I realised my remote work as a freelancer allowed me to work from anywhere I doubled down on creating the flexible life I wanted. Housesitting has allowed me to live in, and work from, fabulous places while I pursue my 50-before-50 bucket list.

Here I share my adventures along with information and support to help you create your freedom lifestyle too.

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