Book a Call or Email with Me

1-1 Call

If you’d like to chat through some questions or concerns you have about travelling to or living in Greece then book a 1-1 call with me.

I haven’t been everywhere in Greece, and I don’t know all there is to know. But there are lots of things I CAN help you with. I’ve been in Greece since 2020 and I’ve lived on several islands as well as in Athens. I’m in a good position to find information and have other places I can signpost you to for more specialist advice if necessary.

Types of Things We Can Talk About

While I don’t offer itinerary planning we can talk about things like general travel logistics or how long you might want to spend in each place. We can talk about where to find services you want to use during your trip. (I’ve recently been asked about things like laundromats on the islands, SIM cards, places to get beauty treatments for a wedding and memorable restaurants and beaches).

We can also go through anything that’s worrying you like if this is a solo trip that you’re nervous about. Or if you’re experiencing cultural differences during booking and enquiries and want reassurance that it’s the norm here.

How to Book Your Call

The cost is $30 for a 30-minute call and payment is taken to confirm your chosen timeslot. You’ll receive an email confirmation immediately* with a Zoom call link. Audio-only is an option for our call if you prefer.

So that I can prepare, please reply to the confirmation email before the call with the questions and topics you’d like to chat about.

If none of the timeslots below work for you, please drop me a message on the contact form with 2 – 3 requested times. Remember to let me know which timezone you are in and I will accommodate you where possible.

*If your email doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes please check your spam/junk folder.

Personalised Email

If we can’t get our time zones or availability to match up or you’d just prefer to have a personalised email instead, we can do that.

Book a call in the calendar and when you reply to the confirmation email with your topics, let me know you’d prefer the response as an email. I will spend your call time replying via email instead. In this case, please be really specific with your questions so I can be as helpful as possible in my response.

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