In a world of A.I. and travel bloggers who write about places they haven’t actually been to,
I aim to bring you helpful and honest content about places that I know.

Hi I’m Suzie!

50-before-50 bucketlister, Brit in Greece, house sitter, and solo traveller.

I never really got the hang of doing life conventionally. In my 40s I discovered I had ADHD/ADD which probably goes a long way to explain that.

My first job was as a cruise ship dancer and more recently my living arrangements included 65+ housesits. In 2020 I went on holiday to Greece and ended up staying there to live.

Funnily enough, it was about the time I decided to follow my heart and forget the “shoulds” that other people told me my life choices were inspiring.

So on this site, I share my bucket list antics and ideas for yours as well as practical advice on getting started with house sitting. I also write helpful, honest information about travelling to GreeceTurkey and beyond.

Keep checking my 50-Before-50 List post for updates as I tick off my goals

Hi I’m Suzie…

Brit in Greece. I moved here permanently after visiting in 2020 to cross off Greek island-hopping from my 50-before-50 bucket list. (Although please don’t call me an expat.)

I’ve lived on several islands while working remotely including Naxos, Paros, Andros and Tinos. I loved walking on deserted beaches, picking lemons off the trees and watching the sunrise and set every day.

After a couple of years, I swapped my goat neighbours for the hustle and bustle of city life. I currently live in Athens with my rescue cats from Naxos.

Travelling in Greece

Although I’m much more familiar with things now, when I first came, I was like you probably are:

Overwhelmed about which islands to choose, confused about how the ferries worked and how I could get between the islands.

I was wondering about so many other things like how many days in each place was enough, what driving would be like, if the famous tourist islands were worth it and how I’d feel being here a solo traveller.

Although I think part of the allure of travelling is discovering things for yourself, I’m also conscious that going to new places can be daunting.

Travelling Anywhere New

Working out logistics like how to book ferries/buses/cars and decide which day trips to go on can also take up a lot of time and headspace.

So, I’m here to help people who want to feel prepared about going somewhere new.

I also hope to alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with going abroad as well as travelling alone.

Turkey Travel

My American friend is always shocked that I can get on a plane from Athens and be in a whole new country in one hour.

I’m lucky to be able to fly or ferry across to Turkey next door, and I enjoy bringing you Turkey travel content too.

Want to Know More?

Ok then. Here are some random facts

  • I love cats. I’ve done well over 60 housesits looking after cats which has contributed to the 2400 cat images I currently have on my phone 🤦🏻‍♀️ I volunteer at a cat shelter in Athens, and I look after random strays from time to time. Like this pair I found by the road in Milos. I looked after them until they were old enough to travel to the UK to be placed in a forever home.

(Just as well they’re cute 🥰…they shredded my skin scrambling onto my lap AND I had to replace my favourite ring that they lost)

  • In the 2023 summer season, I took up open-water swimming, and my ego likes the nice little haul of medals I collected
  • My feet are huge. Helps with the swimming but it’s really hard for me to get women’s shoes
  • I have a degree in Leadership and Management and a background in Operations Management
  • But my first job was as a cruise ship dancer, and I was once a tap dancer in a film with Alan Rickman, Juliet Stevenson and Janeane Garofalo

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