89 of the Very Best Souvenirs and Gifts from London

Mind the Gap card game box and other best gifts from London on display

Looking for the best London souvenirs and gifts to take home from your trip? Then look no further. Whether you want something cute, kitsch or quintessential you’re bound to find loads of ideas from my list below.

I’ve given some suggestions at the end for where you can buy these gifts but see also my post on the Best London Department Stores. And if you need some advice on actually getting into London when you arrive, see this post about the Best Way From Heathrow To London.

Museum Gifts

Mind The Gap

As someone who’s spent quite a bit of time calling London home, the gifts in the London Transport Museum are absolute classics. I literally laughed out loud when I saw cushions and laptop bags made out of the material used on the London Underground seats.

These socks made my day! You can also get items with the other lines including the new purple Elizabeth Line.

Baker Street Sign

or anything else from the Sherlock Holmes Museum gift shop for fans of the detective.

Beetles Memorabilia

Ok so they were from Liverpool, but the famous Abbey Road Studios they recorded at is in London. As is the Beatles shop which you’ll find next to Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street.

Buckingham Palace Gifts

Know a fan of the Royal Family? The Buckingham Palace shop has all manner of gifts like:

  • Buckingham Palace strawberry preserve
  • Buckingham Palace Luxury Wool Blanket
  • corgi embroidery set
  • commemorative china cups
  • jewel-encrusted hairbands and
  • statement jewellery

Check out the Buckingham Palace gift shop online too, at the Royal Collection Shop.

Kitsch London Souvenirs

I don’t really like promoting anything too tacky that’s not going to last or be used. But I still think some of the cheapest things can be the best souvenirs. Lots of things in this section are cheap and easy to transport home but are things that can be used and enjoyed every day.

  • Keyrings
  • Fridge magnets
  • Tote bags
  • Socks
  • Coasters
  • Tea towels
  • Replica bus or taxi
  • Replica icon of Big Ben, a red pillar box, Houses of Parliament
  • London mug
  • Teapot
  • Notting Hill shopping bag
  • London Christmas decorations
Keyrings are cheap souvenirs from London

Food and Drink Related Gifts

Food is one of the best things to share from other countries so I always think it makes a great gift. Here are some suggestions for people who’ll appreciate something food or drink-themed.

London Gin

Know someone who loves a tipple? Take back some London gin. Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire and Sipsmith are favourites. Just make sure you pack well and check the limits on what you can take back if you’re flying.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolate manufacturer and the only one in the UK to grow their own cocoa. Their chocolates are fun and quirky and make great gifts.

Charbonnel & Walker Truffles

Charbonnel et Walker were Britain’s first luxury chocolatiers. The company was formed to combine the chocolates of Madame Charbonnel of Paris and Mrs Walker’s exquisite jewellery cases and hat boxes in London. The truffles are divine and the brand has a rich heritage of iconic customers and Royal Warrants.

A box of their luxury treats is apparently “an exquisite expression of your care and affection”. The flagship store is at Bond Street although they have outlets around the city. Plus you can find selections at places like John Lewis department store on Oxford Street.

Whittard Tea

Do a tea tasting at one of the Whittard Tea shops and choose what to bring back. They have lots of gift sets of varying sizes and flavours to choose from. So no doubt you’ll find something that suits.

Fortnum and Mason Personalised Tea

Sticking with the same theme if you want something a bit more special you could create your own tea to give. Fortnum and Mason is one of London’s luxury department stores heavily themed around food.

They have lots of different tea and biscuits to choose from. But they’ll also guide you through the process of making your own special brew.

Royal Tea Recipe Book

Ok this could have gone in the book section, but it’s more about what you’re making than what you’re reading. This little book will give you lots of ideas for your own afternoon tea party.

Union Jack themed truffles from John Lewis department store at Oxford Circus

Fine Foods from Borough Market

Borough Market is an absolute treasure trove of fine British foods. Delve into a visit there with an empty stomach and leave with an armful of whatever takes your fancy for your foodie friends.

Cadbury’s Chocolate

British chocolate is quite different to US chocolate so if that’s all you’ve experienced you’re in for a (not-very-healthy) treat! Cadbury’s is a cheap chocolate brand but I love it. Look for the purple packaging of Dairy Milk bars, plus other favourites of mine: Twirl and Whispa.


Not made by Cadbury’s but another winner is Malteasers. I’ve heard there’s something similar in the US but that the UK version wins hands down.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

This is an absolute British classic and I have to say, I do love a chocolate orange. They’re particularly popular as Christmas stocking fillers but you can enjoy them year-round.

P.S. the trick to opening the orange is to bang the bottom of it before you unwrap it so that the segments all separate out. (Properly whack it too, a little tap won’t do the job.)

Mini Eggs or Creme Egg

If you’re in London at the right time of year I’d also highly recommend mini eggs (little solid chocolate eggs with a crispy shell) or creme eggs (hollow chocolate egg with yellow and white fondant filling). Yum!

Wine Gums

A classic English confection without a trace of alcohol so who knows where the name came from. Wine gums are firm, chewy gums a bit like gumdrops. Maynards are the best.

Percy Pigs

What can I say about Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pigs except that M&S is a British institution and people love these pink swdets?!

Fashion-Related Gifts

Pandora London Charms

If the person you have in mind loves their Pandora bracelet get them a London charm to add to the collection. There are quite a few to choose from at the Pandora shop at Oxford Circus.

London Bracelet

For other fun, London-themed jewellery, check out what Accessorize have on offer. Their shops are all over London and you’ll often see them in train stations.

Cath Kidston Bag

Cath Kidston bags are well known for their crafty, vintage looks. As well as her bags, you can get all sorts of homeware items in the same theme.

Radley London Bags

You might have seen the little Scotty dog swinging off this British brand’s bags. Conceived in Camden Lock Market the company produces stylish and functional investment pieces inspired by the capital’s culture.

Quintessential Gifts

Burberry Trench Coat

An iconic classic that’s famous around London. Icons don’t come cheap but if you’re looking to make a luxury purchase this coat is a sustainable investment.

Mulberry Bag

A brand that might not be so well known outside of the UK is Mulberry. But they create luxury bags, including the coveted Alexa bag designed with model Alexa Chung. They have classic styles in both sustainable and leather options and the staff in the shops around London are friendly and helpful.

Classic Umbrella

When I worked in Holborn I walked past the James Smith & Sons store on New Oxford Street nearly every day. It’s an olde worlde shop that’s almost unchanged since the business moved there in 1857.

If you venture in you’ll find an eclectic mix of umbrellas. Many have distinctive carved handles with things in the likeness of Sherlock Holmes, English Cocker Spaniels as well as various types of wildlife.

The James Smith Shop is an experience

Carved-Handle Walking Stick

The same shop also does a collection of luxury walking canes.

Dapper Hat

Lock & Co Hatters is the oldest hat shop in the world, the oldest shop in London and a pioneer of the Bowler hat. Indulge someone in traditional British craftsmanship with a rollable fedora, a fancy top hat or a Peaker Blinders-style cap.

Savile Row Suit

If you’d like to take home a men’s suit gift from the British home of handcrafted suits then Savile Row’s the street to go to. If it’s a women’s suit you’re after then you’ll find G&G, the first women-only tailor’s shop sharing with Cad & The Dandy.

Bespoke Shoes

Need some smart shoes to go with that bespoke suit gift? James Taylor & Son at Paddington combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create tailor-made shoes. You can choose from styles they have in their shop or they’ll design something completely bespoke.

Aspinal of London Pieces

Aspinal of London is all about timeless English style and quality and their pieces are designed to be handed down through generations.

They’re a sustainable luxury brand with all their leather being a by-product of the food industry. For London lovers who are also travel lovers delve into their travel collection for a travel wallet or other classical pieces.

Barbour Jacket

As a country girl, I always thought Barbour jackets were practical rural wear for the upper classes. Turns out they’re pretty popular in Chelsea too.

A weather-proof wax jacket is a utilitarian investment. Check out some of their other styles if you have someone in mind for a Brit cult buy. You can find one of their stores in Covent Garden while you’re doing your sightseeing.

Barbour: an iconic London souvenir

Penhaligons Perfume

Penhaligons has been around for over 150 years and their perfumes celebrate national symbols like oak, the nation’s national tree and the juniper you’ll find in a good old G&T. All the fragrances are made and bottled in Penhaligon’s own perfumery in England.

I do like Penhaligon’s branding. It’s old-fashioned but doesn’t take itself too seriously, and pokes a bit of fun at its place in high society. Visit their store in Covent Garden to find the perfect gift or take the fragrance profiling quiz on their website.

Floral Material from Liberty

Liberty London is a famous department store in Central London. It’s known for its floral patterns. Take some material for a crafter in your life or browse through their other homewares.

Something from Harrods

Harrods, in Knightsbridge, is probably the highest of London’s high-end department stores. Head down to the lower ground floor for the themed gifts. The original green bag is a great gift. But take your pick from chocolates, teddy bear plush toys, mugs and handbags.

Homeware Gifts

“Cheers Mate” Mug

Pick up a “cheers mate” mug or one with a cheekier saying from To Home from London.

London-Themed Cushion Cover

Cushion covers are super-easy to travel back with and great gifts for everyday use back home. Pick something bold like a Union Jack or an instant London icon like a Queen’s Guard, Telephone Box or Black Cab.

Jo Malone Candle

Take home a coveted, hand-crafted Jo Malone candle so the recipient can fill their home with scents like English Pear & Freesia.

Molton Brown London Hand Soap

Positive luxury brand Molton Brown’s liquid hand soap is a favourite in fancy guest bathrooms across the UK. They use quality ingredients, don’t test on animals and their products smell gorgeous.

Wedgewood China

Wedgewood china is a timeless classic created by Josiah Wedgwood who, incidentally, was Charles Darwin’s grandfather. When I think of Wedgewood, I always think of the blue Jasperware.

But the brand (another that holds a royal warrant) has a huge range of themes and collections away from some of the most original items.

A Portobello Road Market Find

Portobello Road Market is one of the most famous street markets in the world. The mile-long market is most renowned for its brick-a-brack and antiques stall. It’s the perfect place for a really unique homeware find.

Look out for a great London souvenir for someone who’s not impressed with the usual things or perhaps who’s visited themselves a number of times before.

Sara Miller London Homewares

Sara Miller has THE most beautiful designs. I love the vibrant colours she uses and I am completely taken with everything the company creates. One of her trademarks along with the bright colours are the gold embellishments on lots of her items.

From candles to toiletries to plates to pens you can find something suitable to pack for home. Stockists all round London hold Sara Miller goods, including John Lewis. Or you can go to the website.

The White Company London Homewares

In direct contrast to Sara Miller’s vivid designs are the impeccably styled, but primarily white products of the White Company. Think crisp linen sheets and breezy scented candles. You’ll no doubt pass the store in London as there are shops in Covent Garden, St Pancras Station, Harrods and Selfridges.

A Vinyl Record

Know someone who loves a bit of retro and would relish a vinyl record for their record player? Camden and Portobello Road are good bets to find something. But here are the best record shops in London.

Honest Jons Record Shop at Portabello Road

Books, Games and Toy Gifts

London Travel Guides

You’ve travelled and they’re next. Gift a travel guide to London so they can plan their big adventure.

Coffee Table Book of London

No chance of getting to London any time soon? Give them a beautiful coffee table book with beautiful pictures they can pour over in the meantime.

Daunt Books Subscription

Sure take back a book from this iconic, travel-themed bookshop. Or go the whole hog and give someone a monthly subscription, they don’t need to be based in London to receive it.

British Humour Book

If you know a fan of British humour then take your pick of the humorous books available in London.

All on the Board Companion

The Underground is the backbone with millions of people using it every day. Two Transport for London employees started sharing positivity, humour and love on the information boards that routinely just said: “keep right”.

Now their creative messages, quotes and poems have been made into a book which I think is a lovely London gift.

Monopoly – Underground Edition

There’s nothing like a good game of Monopoly to create a family ruckus. So if you know a family that’s partial to a board game and thinks that Monopoly can’t be improved, send the Underground edition their way.

Sherlock Holmes Board Game

Need more board game ideas? True crime fanatics might enjoy piecing together the

London Puzzle

I haven’t done a puzzle in years but every time I write these types of gift posts I always think I must get myself one. They’re quite absorbing and meditative aren’t they?

If you know someone who’d like to relax this way choose a London-themed picture. Bookshops and the department stores listed below are good places to find some.

Toy from Hamleys

“The Finest Toy Shop in the World” has toys for all ages so take back a little something from here. There are plenty of specifically London-themed toys you can choose from, like a Black Cab, Union Jack Mini, Beefeater Bear, Corgi soft toy, model London Eye replica and lots more.

The big store on Regent Street is always lively.

Children’s Books

One of the Mr Men and Little Miss books or one of the Tales from Beatrix Potter are staples to take back.


Head to the huge Lego store at Piccadilly (be prepared to queue) to find some Lego-style London landmarks.

Paddington Bear

Find the Paddington Bear shop at Paddington Station for a host of Paddington-theme gifts and toys.

Harry Potter

If you know a Harry Potter fan you probably already have in mind the perfect London souvenir for them. Head to the Harry Potter shop at Platform 93/4 in the mainline train station at Kings Cross Station.

Themed Merchandise

Football Team Kit

Have a family member who’s a football fan? Take your pick with something from Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Fulham or Brentford.

Merchandise from a Westend Show

Pick up some merch from one of the theatres when they’re open for a performance or order something online.

Beauty-Related Gifts

Neal’s Yard Organics

Neal’s Yard Organics is one of my favourite aromatherapy brands. They’re based out of Neal’s Yard, a quirky corner of Covent Garden that I recommend you discover for brunch, snacks or any other meal!

Fun fact, I actually did my Reiki certification at their treatment rooms here. Anyway, all their products are natural, organic and gorgeous. I highly recommend their Frankincense face range but they do all sorts of things ideal for gifts, from hand creams to bath oils.

Kew Gardens Inspired Soap

Pick up a luxury bar of soap from the English Soap Company’s Kew Gardens Collection. From the fragrances to the packaging these vegan and sustainable soaps have been inspired by the plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sanctuary Spa Products

The Sanctuary Spa was an iconic day spa in London for 37 years. It was set up by a man for his ballerina wife and other dancers to have a space to relax and recover from the vigours of their job. Although the spa itself is no longer in existence, its iconic products and signature fragrance are.

You can find gift sets and individual products in branches of Boots the Chemist which you’ll see all round London.

Rimmel Make Up

“Get the London look” with some Rimmel make up. Products have suitably London names like this nail varnish in Double Decker Red.

Stationery Gifts

Stationey’s one of my favourite things so I’m a sucker for all things pretty and paper. It can be light and easy to transport when you’re travelling and these types of things are sometimes useful to stick in a drawer for when you need something lovely last minute.

V&A Museum Notepad

The Victoria and Albert Museum has a curated shop of crafts, books, jewellery, toys, ceramics, textiles, accessories and more inspired by their collections and exhibitions. For a simple and useful gift choose a notepad in one of their pretty prints.

London Notepad

I thought this notepad from Accessorize was quite fun. You can find similar products around London and in some of the department stores below.

Fortnum and Mason Note Cards

I saw the most exquisite gold foil note cards here with little embossed elephants. But you could go for something like the signature Fortnum turquoise-coloured initial note cards. Since they’re around the £30 mark they might need to be for a special occasion though.

House of Commons Marble Pen

Perhaps you’re buying for someone with a particular interest in politics and debate. Head to the Houses of Parliament shop for unique London souvenirs from the House of Commons or House of Lords. While you’re at it, pick up a plushy Big Ben too!

Sara Miller London Notepad

Since I already told you how much I adore Sara Miller designs and you know that I love stationery this is a no-brainer to include.

These notepads aren’t cheap either and they’re almost too beautiful to use. But they bring me joy every time I used them so perhaps you know someone else who’d love this as their gift from London.

Greeting Cards

You can find all sorts of fun and classy greeting cards on your travels around London. You could give them as pictures or keep them in the gift drawer to pull out when you need one.

London Gifts to Enjoy While You’re There

Here are some gift ideas to give someone who’s going to be in London long enough to enjoy the gifts while they’re there.

  • West End theatre ticket
  • Voucher for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz
  • Tickets for the London Eye
  • Flowers from Columbia Road Flower Market
  • Photoshoot with a professional photographer around the London sights

Where to Buy The Best Gifts from London

You’ll pass London souvenir shops all around zone 1 when you’re travelling around the various city attractions. And I’ve already mentioned that museum shops can have great souvenirs. But here are some of the other best places to pick up the ideal gift for your friends, family or colleagues.

I’ve included the nearest tube stations for each place. But remember to check GoogleMaps because you could be within walking distance or a bus might be easier than the tube from where you are.

John Lewis

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus

This department store on Oxford Street is close to Oxford Circus tube station. It has a home and gift section downstairs that’s a great place to pick up things like:

  • Hotel Chocolat and chocolates
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Games


Nearest Tube: Knightsbridge

I mentioned Harrods above but their whole lower ground floor is Harrods gifts and souvenirs.


Nearest Tube: Bond Street

Another luxury department store with luxury gifts and outlets.

Fortnum and Mason

Nearest Tube: Picadilly

This is the place to go for your tea, biscuits and other food-related classics. The flagship store is at Piccadilly although they also have an outpost at Kigs Cross St Pancras and a few other places.

Oxford Street

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street

Oxford Street is one of London’s most famous shopping streets. You’ll mostly find high-street chains here as well as some of the big department stores. Sprinkled amongst them are plenty of souvenir shops with cheap items.

Covent Garden

Nearest Tube: Covent Garen, Leicester Square, The Strand

Covent Garden is a popular area for both tourists and Londoners. As well as theatres, museums, cafes and nightlife it’s full of lovely upmarket shops. Wander around the pedestrianised piazza and find some of the shops I’ve mentioned in this post.

Camden Lock

Nearest tube: Camden

Head to north London for Camden Market for all sorts of interesting and arty things. You’ll also find the To Home from London shop at Camden Locke for design-led souvenirs.

Portobello Road Market

Nearest tube: Ladbroke Grove

This market is a whole experience but it’s especially good for vintage clothing, antiques and brick-a-brack items. You can definitely find unique London souvenirs here.

Borough Market

Nearest tube: London Bridge

Borough Market is a celebration of food and I’d recommend doing a tour to taste the finest foods on offer. It’s a great place to get some flight-friendly foods to take back as gifts.

Take an Extra Bag to London

I hope this has given you lots of ideas for the souvenirs and gifts you can bring back when you visit London. If it’s given you a few too many ideas make sure you pack an extra bag to bring everything home with you. Happy shopping!

89 of the Very Best Souvenirs and Gifts from London

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