Christmas Bucket List: Free Printable

3 Christmas bucket list printable sheets on a table with gold pen, mince pies and other festive decorations

The holiday season can be a special and fun time to create new memories. Making a bucket list is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, start some family traditions or try something completely different.

Printable Christmas Bucket List

You can download the Bucket List My Life Christmas Bucket List Printable. In fact, I’ve made you a few Christmas printables including some blank pages you can print out to create your own bucket list.

So, let’s get into this ultimate Christmas bucket list.

Traditional Things to Do at Christmas Time

Countdown with an Advent Calendar

Having an advent calendar is one of the most common holiday traditions. I always had a chocolate one growing up and I never made it to the 25th, haha.

Advent calendar

Enjoy Christmas Carol Singing

Enjoy carol singers in the local square or attend a carol service to sing your heart out. Either way, feel surrounded by Christmas cheer.

See the Christmas Lights Get Switched On

Most towns do some kind of free event when the Christmas illuminations get switched on. It’s magical no matter your age.

Download Some Christmas Music

Download a bit of Bublé to keep you in the mood throughout the month.

Deliver Greetings Cards

Hand-delivering Christmas cards is a lovely way to feel part of the festive season.

Go to The Ballet

Watching The Nutcracker is a peak yuletide experience.

Watch a Movie or Two

Home Alone, The Holiday, Love Actually and It’s a Wonderful Life are all favourite Christmas movies /films that people like to play year after year. Is there a particular movie you’ve never seen but want to?

Eat a Mince Pie

Another no-brainer for this bucket list is a mince pie. Yum!

Drink Eggnog

Can’t say I love it personally, but if you drink alcohol it’s gotta go on the list at least once!

Have a Glass of Mulled Wine

Something a little more palatable for the drinkers

Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Another thing that’s got to be done is stealing a reciprocal kiss under the mistletoe. Do make sure you have a willing participant though.

Go to a Fayre / Bazaar

This type of event can be a good way to feel festive and do some Christmas shopping at the same time. You can actually get some really unique handmade Christmas gifts and they’re often held in aid of charity.

Get a Festive Manicure

Get some Christmas nail art or give yourself a festive-themed manicure to spread some festive fun.

Eat a Candy Cane

Being from the UK, candy canes weren’t part of any traditions of ours growing up. But I used to see them in films/movies all the time and you can find these all over the world now. Enjoy a stripey peppermint cane or a fruit-flavoured option.

Take a Festive Walk

This is one of the fun things you can do with friends or family around the holiday season. Catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while by enjoying a wintery country walk.

Go to a Christmas Concert

Another of my favorite things is a Christmas concert. This is a great one to make an annual tradition. The best part is everyone joining in for a hearty rendition of We Wish You A Merry Christmas at the end!

Go to a Candlelight Service

Churches often have candlelit services on Christmas Eve. Go along for a peaceful experience and remember what the season is all about.

Decorate Your Tree

Decorating the tree is another of the most favorite holiday activities. Lots of people make this a big event but even if your own you can have fun doing it. Hand-make all your decorations, fill it full of stuff the kids have made or go to town with colour-coordinated luxury decs, whatever you fancy.

My Tiny Trees!

Go Ice Skating

Lots of places create ice rinks for Christmas. Wrap up warm and have some fun trying to stay upright.

Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

This is one of the most fun ideas. We did an ugly Christmas jumper day at work once and it was really funny. You can pick up sweaters in your local charity shop/goodwill so it doesn’t need to be wasteful or much additional cost.

Have a competition on Christmas day or at a holiday party to see who can find the ugliest. There are some good contenders out there.

Do a Secret Santa

This is another of the fun holiday activities that work well with a friend group or grown-up family. Names go in a hat and then you pick one out and buy for that person.

(But don’t tell them, hence the “secret” in Santa). You do this with small gifts and you’d normally set a maximum price to spend. Like 5 or 10 £/$.

Donate to a Local Food Bank

Lots of people are having a hard time financially at the moment. If you’re in a position to do a shop for your local food bank then December is a great time of year for it. Even if you can only add one or two items to the collection basket it can make a difference.


Could you help out at a local homeless shelter over Christmas? They often need extra people to help serve Christmas dinner to their guests.

Buy a Gift from an Angel/Gift Tree

Gift trees also known as Angel Trees are becoming more common in the UK and I think have fairly regular appearances in the US. Often this is organised by a group or company on behalf of specific groups who work with disadvantaged children.

Companies like Walmart write specific children’s wish list items on tags hung on an in-store Christmas tree. You then pick up one or more of these tags and buy the requested items for the children. Be prepared to get emotional. The requests are often devastatingly simple.

Make a Christmas Random Act of Kindness List

Christmas can be hard, busy and stressful even for the happiest of families. So any kind gesture can go a long way. Make a list of things you’d like to do. They could be as simple as checking in on someone you know is alone or who’s dealing with a bereavement anniversary.

Have a Veggie/Vegan Christmas

If you’d like to extend your kindness to the animal kingdom, you could choose to have a non-traditional Christmas dinner. You don’t need to turn veggie permanently to spare a turkey on the big day.

Fancy Christmas Bucket List

Go for Christmas Afternoon Tea

Christmas is the perfect time for a bit of decadence. Choose somewhere fancy to go for afternoon tea, lots of places do special Christmas-themed cakes

Have a Luxury Advent Calendar

This one makes the list twice because you can get some really extravagant advent calendars these days. Treat yourself or ask your significant other if you happen to be in a position to request one from your favourite designer.

Go to a Christmas Market in Europe

Berlin, Strasbourg, Colmar…take your pick and enjoy the fairytale.

Spend Christmas Day in Another City or Country

Let someone else do all the running around on Christmas Day and book a decadent hotel stay in another city or country. If you find Christmas difficult, visiting an Islamic country like Turkey can help take your mind off things.

Go to Lapland

This gets a separate listing from the last point because, well, it’s LAPLAND! Enjoy the magic of Christmas at any age by seeing reindeer in the wild, riding in a sleigh and all sorts of other sorcery.

Family Favorites

Here are some fun Christmas bucket list ideas for families with kids of all ages to enjoy.

Crafty Christmas Bucket List Items

Most of these bucket list crafts don’t need much explanation. Just grab your hot chocolate and get going.

  • Get creative with your gift wrapping
  • Make a homemade Christmas card
  • Make your own Christmas decorations
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Create handmade Christmas presents
  • Craft a wreath
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Make a Christingle

Get Your Christmas Bucket List Printable

Pop your details below and I’ll send over your printable bucket list

Christmas Bucket List: Free Printable

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