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How to live your bucket-list-life, now

Did 2020 bring your life into sharp focus? Was it a wake-up call that suddenly had you wondering why the heck you’ve not been putting more time and energy into the things that really matter to you? We’ve not been put on this planet to solely eat, sleep, work, repeat although we’ve been highly conditioned to believe that we are!

Life is short and I think this year has reminded us of that over and over. I know that the jolting changes we’ve experienced have acted like a magnifying glass for lots of people. I know that for myself, it’s easy to get into the grind of the daily routine. I sometimes forget to put my head above the parapet and see that things could be different. But when something forces me to look at life with a new perspective, everything gets a shake-up.

If enforced changes to your daily routines have got you thinking there’s got to be a better way, then keep reading. You don’t need to put off your dream life until you win the lottery, retire or have a visit from your fairy godmother. Here’s what you do need to do.

Be honest with yourself about what you want

In my experience, half the time people don’t fulfil their dreams it’s because they don’t even admit to themselves what they really want to be doing. So let yourself be honest about what you really, truly want.

Take some time and write about what you’d like in any and all areas of your life. Don’t discount anything or write anything off because you think it’s unrealistic or impossible. I’m not saying everyone can do absolutely anything in the world. But you don’t usually have dreams to do things you can’t do.

When you know what your heart truly desires you can make a plan to get there. If you’re not working to create a life that you really want, you’ll spend your life responding to the life others want you to have. And that’s no way to live.

Challenge your perceptions about what’s possible

Ok, so you have your list. But is there part of you that’s still clinging to the belief “there’s no way I could make this happen”? Maybe you want to live in a particular area or work 4 days a week or embrace remote working long-term.

Just over a year ago, four day weeks and remote working might have seemed like pie in the sky. But in just 12 months, perceptions about what’s possible and acceptable have changed massively. Even if it’s that won’t be a reality with your current company any time soon, a lot more are suddenly embracing this as a very real future.

Maybe owning a house in your dream location is on your list, but it seems like an outlandish possibility. But could renting make it possible? We seem to have it drummed into us that owning a property is the sensible thing to work towards, but is it really the best thing for you?

Is it just another accepted milestone that we’re conditioned to work towards? Maybe letting, rather than buying, would allow you to live in the place you’ve always wanted. (And give you the freedom to up and move elsewhere if you change your mind in the future.)

If you’re in the opposite position, and you feel tied down by your home, explore the options that would let you travel. Ok, COVID’s made that a bit tricker right now, but it won’t be like that forever.

Remember that how we perceive the world is based on our own experiences through life. It’s easy to forget that others have entirely different views on how things work. But look around for examples of how things could be done in ways you haven’t imagined yet.

It’s often possible to do the things we want to, with much less money than we believe it will. You don’t want to be a millionaire, you just want the things that would allow you to do. But cost things up or take a real hard look at what it would take to do something. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that things don’t cost as much or take as long as you might be telling yourself they will.

Create baby steps to your bucket list life

Now that you know what you want, you can choose something(s) to start working towards. Normally, we don’t get to the end result in one quantum leap. Sometimes it happens like that. But usually, it’s from taking the first step and then the next, and then the next.

Don’t worry if you can’t see how something could work or what you’d need to do after the first step. The key is to get started and the path will begin to reveal itself. You might not know what help or advice to ask for to get to your end goal. But you can probably find someone to help you make the first, second, or third step.

When you keep joining up the steps you build excitement and momentum. That’s when clarity and coincidences help propel you in the right direction.

Assume you can create your heart’s desire

Next, assume the best. Now you’ve got a picture in your mind of what you’re doing and where you’re going, assume this will happen for you. Assume that you’ll find a way, even if there are a few challenges along the way. (Side-note: there are always challenges along the way. It’s what helps us become the person we need to be to have, or do, the thing.)

Keep this faith even if others don’t believe in you or your mission.

Be open to change

Have you ever thought you really, really wanted something only to find out when you tried it that it wasn’t at all what you expected? Remember that it’s ok to change your mind. If you start going after something on your list and somewhere along the way you decide it’s not for you, that’s alright. Remember what we said. Life is short. Too short to let pride or other people’s opinions keep us on a path we don’t want to be on.

On the other hand, if you’re completely set on making something come to fruition, be open to divine guidance along the way. My intention in 2020 was to live in Spain and get residency there. As it happens, I’ve ended up in Greece, pursuing residence here. I probably could have got to Spain somehow if I’d really pushed. But I went with the flow and trusted my intuition. Now I believe this is the place I was meant to end up. At least for this next stage of my journey through life.

Get support

Doing anything new or different is usually easier when you have some support. If the people around you aren’t supportive of your big dreams then it can be really hard to believe you can make them happen. Whether they’re jealous, protective or worried for us, the force of other people’s opinions and intentions can stop us in our tracks.

Even if people are cheering you on it can feel insensitive to be talking about creating your dream life. A lot of people in the world are suffering and sometimes we feel bad about being excited for the changes we are making.

Find a place where you can talk openly about what you want to work towards. There’s power in like-minded people witnessing your dreams.

Work with me

If you know you’d like some 1-1 support, and you’re seriously ready to make changes to your life, then get in touch with me about my coaching and mentoring. You’ll get clear on what’s in your head and can be honest about what you really want to achieve. I’m lucky enough to have a broad life and work experience that allows me to offer mentorship and practical advice too. Can you imagine the excitement of actually having a plan to move you in the right direction, and a cheerleader whooping along beside you?!

Let’s get going!

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