Visiting magical Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a magical place that will nourish your soul. It’s made the 50-Before-50 Bucket List because although I’ve been before it was something of a flying visit. I can’t wait to return to this transformative place and spend more time basking in all that it has to offer.

A few years back one of my clients mentioned she’d just come back from a few days in Sedona, Arizona. I’d never heard of it but she told me about the red rock landscape and how the area was a vortex that attracted many spiritual people.

It sounded like my kind of place and when my next coach told us our three day intensive was going to be held there I was exited to visit.

I arrived ahead of the event so I’d have time to recover from the journey. Generally, I’m not really so badly affected by jetlag on the way across to the US as much as I am on the way back. However, it’s still exhausting doing a long flight and all the messing about that comes with it. (Especially if you’re a nervous flier like me.)

Staying in Oak Creek, near Sedona

Anyway, I stayed a few miles out of the centre the first night, just close to Bell Rock. I had the most amazing night’s sleep which I attribute to being in a vortex.

Side note: an energy vortex is considered to be a place where the earth’s energy spirals powerfully, often where ley lines meet. The whole of Sedona is considered a vortex although within it there are also other spots known as vortexes. (In Sedona they don’t tend to use the grammatically correct voritces). Bell Rock is one of them.

I woke up early feeling massively energised. I bounded out of bed to find some breakfast. Just down from where I was staying there were a few shops. I went to a bakery and got an fabulous French toast breakfast with all sorts of things on it.

Hiking from Oak Creek

On the way back I saw a path leading off into the red rock hills so off I went on an adventure. The paths were well defined and shared with mountain bikers who I had to keep a keen ear out for. The scenery was beautiful. The red of the rocks changed colour as the light and shadows moved. They looked stunning against the clear blue sky. It was so peaceful and I hardly passed any other walkers.

I found the signs along the way amusing. Apparently I was on the Slim Shady trail. There were also “very Sedona” signs asking walkers to keep off certain sections of the trail due to healing. There were signposts with the various trails and details of the interconnecting routes. I followed one for a while and then took another so I could loop back.

When I’m walking out in nature is often when I feel most alive. Like I’m truly present in the moment and I remember that THIS is life. I couldn’t get enough of those glorious rocks and went out early for another walk the next morning.

I got up when it was still misty and the moon hung in the sky. I walked the red dust path and watch the rocks transform as the sun came up. I found my bliss once again.

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona

After the retreat, I visited the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. We stayed in a stunning property (with the biggest bath I’ve ever seen in my life, complete with armrests to stop you sliding under the water. Even I, at 5’9, couldn’t touch the end with my feet!). It was in walking distance of the Peace Park and I was grateful to go up there twice before we left.

I followed the various paths, walked the medicine wheel, sat in front of the Tara statue and cried my eyes out. The peace park is also considered to be within a vortex and I could feel that energy. I was healing something up there in all that beauty. Again, I was lucky to be there when it was quiet as it can get quite busy with visitors.

Sedona, metaphysical paradise

In Sedona, every other shop (perhaps even more than that) is some kind of metaphysical place. A crystal shop, a clairvoyant, an energy healer, a tour place visiting known UFO sighting spots….If you’ve ever been to Glastonbury in the UK it’s a bit like that. Obviously, as someone who has to search out crystal/metaphysical shops when I want something it was fun to be spoilt for choice.

And the crystal shops weren’t some pokey little cupboard, they were huge with a dazzling array of crystals in all shapes, sizes and colours. Although I pick up on other people’s energy and can be quite intuitive I wouldn’t say I’m good at feeling the energy of inanimate things like crystals.

However, I walked into a back room that was jam-packed with huge rose quartz and amethyst crystals and something changed. I felt this overwhelming feeling of love and I felt moved to tears. It was very bizarre. I guess the moral of the story is that I don’t pick up on subtle!!

Returning to Sedona, Arizona

This is on my 50-Before-50 Bucket List because I really want to go back and explore more. The nature there alone is healing. But I love being around all the other weird and wonderful things, exploring and discovering. Plus, I lost a lovely rose quartz ring that I had for about 15 years. I’d love something special to replace it with and I feel like piece I’m looking for is in Sedona.

If you have an interest in the metaphysical and appreciate natural beauty then I highly recommend a trip to Sedona when you can. When I’ve made the long journey back and experienced even more of what it has to offer I’ll write another post.

Until then, Sedona, Arizona lives in my memories and on my bucket list.

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