Top Reusable Zero Waste Lint Removers

Ginger and white cat sitting on the sofa watching someone use a lint roller

As a pet owner or house and pet sitter, you’ve probably been through a fair few sticky sheets from disposable lint rollers. But if you’re on the lookout for a decent zero waste lint remover then I’m here to recommend a sustainable option or two.

Traditional Rollers

Inevitably – as a pet lover – I’m constantly getting covered in animal hair. I wore a black top to the vets this week and it was not a clever idea given that I have a white cat! Sticky rollers do the job but I’m trying to use an eco-friendly lint remover these days.

That’s especially true for furniture since the traditional lint roller doesn’t go very far with large surfaces. I know you can get extra large rollers now but they make me baulk a bit at the environmental impact.

Best Reusable Lint Rollers Alternatives

I have a few different methods based on what gets the best results on different fabrics and surfaces. So let’s get straight into it.

Lint Brushes

I hadn’t seen one of these lint brushes for years when I did a particular house sit that had one. But when I tried it out on the sofa it was like absolute magic, I couldn’t believe how effective it was! Most of these brushes are double-sided which is really handy when you’re using them. The friction created when using them generates an electrostatic charge that magnetises lint.

Some like this one in the image have a case that you can put them in to remove the lint. It builds up in the container making it easy to get rid of. A newer version of the brushes is this “roller” that scrapes rather than rolls.

I’ve found lint brushes to be a great way to remove cat hair from fabric sofas and curtains. Lots of cats like to sit behind the curtains and their fur builds up on the inside. But these brushes do a great job of removing the fur and they are a good option for large areas.

Rubber Gloves / Brushes

I’m putting these together because they basically work in the same way.

Using a rubber glove to tackle pet hair is a cheeky little tip for you since they may already be in the house. You don’t need to spend out on something separate which is always a bonus. Although Marigolds and the like are plastic, they’re not single use. And while they might not be the perfect zero waste lifestyle solution, I think it’s better than their single use disposable counterparts.

Like the lint brushes above, rubber gloves are a great alternative for large areas. I’ve used them for sofas, curtains, some clothing like jeans and also sheets and duvets. When your kitty chooses a new favourite spot, fur can build up surprisingly quickly. In my experience, collecting the hair with a rubber glove is a quick way to get on top of a flat surface full of moulted coat.

Rubber brushes look like nail or scrubbing brushes and have rubber bristles and they collect fur up the same way as gloves. What’s good about these rubber brushes is that they work well on uneven surfaces like carpet that doesn’t have flat edges. They’re also easy to clean which is a bonus.

I don’t find rubber to work so well on some natural fabrics. It drags materials like wool and silk/satin so it’s best for more durable fabrics.

Combo Brushes

I’ve also seen combination brushes of both the previous two options. So one side is a soft rubber brush for larger lint and animal hair and the other is micro-bristle fabric like the lint brushes above have on both sides. Some are like a normal brush and others are round.

Eco-Friendly Lint Roller

I picked up this simplistic contraption because I thought it would be a good portable lint roller to keep in my suitcase. It’s made from stainless steel with a bamboo / wooden handle.

It’s great on carpet and actually acts as a fabric shaver too. But it’s not suitable for all fabrics. Some it drags so this one is another lint remover that’s for tougher fabrics.

Washable Lint Roller

I haven’t actually used this type of reusable lint remover because I can’t seem to find one in Greece. It’s probably the closest thing to the sticky rollers and does roll in the same way. This is an example of one with some great reviews.

However, some of the reviews aren’t brilliant because it sounds a bit time-consuming. Instead of ripping off the sticky sheet full or lint, you wash it under the tap. So it seems like it would be useful for a small area of your clothes as you’re getting ready to go out.

I think some of the other options here are better for big areas like your sofa or bed. Plus the sticky surface of these washable rollers seems to wear down over time. But it’s definitely a more sustainable way of de-fluffing than the sticky tape options so have a read of some reviews and decide about it for yourself.

Take Your Pick of Zero Waste Lint Roller Alternatives

If you’ve been concerned about the amount of waste traditional lint rollers produce then definitely switch to one of these planet-friendly products. They really are a much better option than all the waste of traditional lint removers and last a long time. And the other good news is they don’t have to be expensive.

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